12 tips to use Instagram for your business

Have you ever wondered how you could use images and videos to develop your brand and improve the experience with customers? Learn about Instagram for your business

Do you have or have you thought about opening an Instagram account to make your brand more visible in the market?

12 tips to use Instagram for your business

Starting with Instagram is simple. Basically it is to open an account, add your logo or photo in the Profile Picture, add a small biography of what your business does and links to other accounts such as Facebook and your website.

What follows is the difficult part, to make good use of this platform and improve your presence in the networks.

Use these 12 tips to manage Instagram for your business:

# 1: Keep a balance of funny images of your business

Use the images to tell the story of the business with a good balance. Not everything is a relax or everything is business.

This photo of Banana Republic received more Likes and Comments than most of its other photos:

12 tips to use Instagram for your business


# 2: Use the videos

Instagram is the strongest competitor of Vine, the 6-second video upload platform. Instagram allows you to upload videos of 15 seconds, enough to tell a story with images and sounds. Make sure your video is of the highest possible quality since you have to differentiate yourself. Think like your client, since what may seem interesting to you (eg, personal things like your family) is not necessarily interesting for your client.

# 3: Hashtag!

The use of hashtags is what will help you to discover people. But try not to make the mistake of over-using them so as not to tire your reader.

Also find a hashtag that is Trending and try to use it in your photo (but only if it is relevant).

See how Mercedes Benz uses relevant hashtags in your photo. They could exaggerate it and add many more hashtags related to cars, the sky, etc., but only use what is necessary:

12 tips to use Instagram for your business


# 4: Interact

Connect with others through the power of photos and videos. Comment on the photos of your followers, give Like to the photos of them and respond when they leave a comment. In this way they will know that you are real and that when they speak someone reads them.

Also follow your most active followers.

# 5: Optimize your profile

Brandon Gaille writes in his blog 20 ways to optimize your profile. Among these are:

  • Include your URL in the comments and your profile to improve traffic to your website.
  • Keep your profile public so that everyone can enter.
  • Use your company logo as a profile picture.
  • Use a username related to your company that is the same or similar to Twitter.
  • Give the comments a conversation tone by asking questions.

# 6: Use Instagram to measure

When you upload a photo you can see the interaction it has had and the amount of likes. When you have many to measure what you like most, you can use this photo (or a similar one) and then go to Facebook and pay for ads using this one, since you know that people like it.

# 7: Reward your customers

Through Instagram you can offer coupons and discounts exclusively through this means, so you encourage them to follow you and depending on how many customers use this coupon you can measure the importance and relevance of your account.

See how Rue 21 uses one of its coupons:

12 tips to use Instagram for your business


# 8: Make a “Sneak Peek”

Teach photos of something that is happening but not yet active or on sale, so your followers will be waiting with more eagerness.

See how New Line Sport shares photos of a new line that will be taken:

12 tips to use Instagram for your business


# 9: Thank your employees

You can upload photos of your employees thanking them for something good they have done, or especially if they have finished a physical project which you can show in the photo next to this person. Extra points for using your user in the comments if they have a personal Instagram account.

Altoona Buckle thanks her employees in this way:

12 tips to use Instagram for your business


# 10: Thank your customers too!

Sure, in this case it’s Oprah, but it can be with any of your clients. Starbucks does it in this photo:

12 tips to use Instagram for your business


# 11: Create contests

There are many ways to do contests:

  • Give Like to win.
  • Contests with selfies.
  • Contests with votes.
  • Photo contests in the same business or store.
  • Contest through your website.
  • Contest through photos of your products.
  • Etc etc…

Watch as Mortar And Pestle Bar run a simple contest:

12 tips to use Instagram for your business


# 12: Add Instagram photos and videos to your website

This way you can let your clients know that you have an Instagram account and they can follow you, just as if they see something that interests them right there on the website they can search it once and buy it, or communicate to ask for this product.

And you, what tips do you have or what works for your business in relation to the use of Instagram?Leave it below in the comments!

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