5 strategies to gain followers on Instagram

We love Instagram. For this there are many reasons: it is visual and can publish profound ideas at the same time. It allows us to connect with others, inspire them, inspire us, learn and grow. The best It does not take much time and IT’S FUN! Pay attention to these five strategies to gain followers on Instagram.

Let’s dive into strategies. But first I want you to understand this: the number of your followers is not important!

I admit that I used the headline “5 strategies to gain followers on Instagram” to capture your attention. And it worked, you’re here, right?

But really the number is just a tool. Something to measure if what you are doing works.

What is more important than the total number of your followers, is the connection you have with them. How they relate to you and you to them.

So do not get discouraged with other famous accounts with tons of followers.

Remember, social networks are about being real and generating a real connection. Be authentic and you will find your audience. And the following strategies will help you with that:

Here are 5 strategies to gain followers on Instagram:
1. Unify the content of your Instagram feed

Have you ever noticed that images with successful Instagram feeds fit a theme. Do they look the same and, in general, the same aesthetic?

Setting it up is not as difficult as it seems, although it requires a bit of planning.

Step 1: Discover what you like
Check out who you follow on Instagram. Who are your favorite users? Do you enjoy the color? Do you prefer muted tones? This will help you decide on a general aesthetic for your Instagram feed.

Step 2: Plan ahead
Do you want to know the secret of a perfectly designed Instagram profile? Planning. Many Instagrammers take dozens of photos during a “session” and then use them throughout the week.

Not only does having all your pre-planned images help maintain consistency, it also makes life easier when life gets hectic during the week.

Step 3: Give your images a consistent appearance
To maintain a consistent brand, consider choosing a filter and only using that filter, or not using any filter. Be consistent and choose a look.

2. Publish meaningful content

Having a successful Instagram account does not mean that you only have to publish beautiful photos. What you should do is post a photo with a purpose. You want your food to be beautiful AND have substance.

Do not be too perfect! Show your real self

Be real in your descriptions and keep them relevant. Do not be afraid to mention your products, services and blog posts regularly. How else will people know what it is about?

This is a way to use Instagram as a way to bring people to your website and your email list. If you only publish beautiful images without talking about what you are offering, you miss the opportunity to connect with new potential customers, who are eager to come to your workshops, withdrawals or buy from you.

3. Be consistent
If you seriously think about increasing your Instagram followers, you should be consistent and publish regularly.

I recommend publishing 1 to 2 images a day, for example morning and evening, and only publish one image at a time, do not send spam to your followers.

Instagram still does not offer programming options in your native application, you must publish in real time using your phone or use a third-party programming tool.

The best thing is to publish at a time when many of your followers are online, but do not think too much: I always publish when it works for me.


4. Use the Hashtags wisely
The use of hashtags will place your posts in the collection of photos that have also used that hashtag, making your content searchable, finding and preparing to inspire new followers.

Everyone who clicks on a hashtag will see all the photos and videos that use the same hashtag. It’s a great way to connect with others and build instant relationships!

Here are some tips for Hashtags:

Use relevant hashtags that your audience is using.
Less popular hashtags can get better results. This is because you are not lost in the clutter of thousands of other photos using that hashtag as well.
Post only one hashtag with your original post and add others in a comment immediately after posting.
Be creative with hashtags, invent yours and go crazy a little.

5. Connect and participate
To grow your followers, you must participate in Instagram. It is not enough to post photos and have a well-designed feed. Find other accounts that you like and follow them. Comment on the publications and create a community.

Follow other people and comment images regularly. Soon they will start to notice you. The fact that they follow you or not depends on your profile and your last nine photos. Rarely do people take the time to look past the latest photos.

Always interact with your followers. When they leave a comment, respond.

Use hashtags related to your niche so that people can find you.

We hope you find these 5 strategies useful to gain followers on Instagram. Be authentic, share your message and you will find your niche.

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