7 creative ways to use Instagram carousel publications for your business

Instagram carousel publications are trending, and not just for personal users!

Carousel publications were launched earlier this year. Companies of all sizes have improved the trend of the Instagram carousel and have discovered new and creative ways to incorporate them into their Instagram marketing strategy.

Do you wonder how you can use Instagram carousel publications for your business?

From promoting new product lines to sharing photos and videos of events. Here are 7 creative ways to use carousel posts on Instagram:

Launch a new product line with Instagram carousel posts

One of the most popular ways to use Instagram carousel publications for companies is to reveal new product lines or collections.

Whether you’re launching a new denim line or a skin care business. The ability to share several photos of products in a single publication is perfect to boost interest and, ultimately, sales.

Just take a look at the recent product launch of Ban.do. They generated many rumors by publishing several photos that came together to create a cohesive image visible from your feed.


Instead of sending their followers spam with partial images, they added several photos to each of their posts to add context and make each individual publication valuable by itself.

Ban.do also incorporated the video into its Instagram carousel publishing strategy. This to keep fans intrigued and educated about their new product line, even if they did not see all the posts in their feed.

Another example of incorporating photos and videos in your Instagram carousel post comes from @nike. Nike did this for its 2017 React Hyperdunk version.

It is a really solid strategy because, although the photos are super important, the videos have the capacity to transmit tons of information in a very short time.

They also help increase the amount of time spent watching your publication. This is one of the 7 factors that influence the performance of your publication in the Instagram algorithm.

In addition, Instagram carousel publications can work for virtually any type of business … including digital ones.

Publish long-lasting videos through posts on the Instagram carousel

It’s no secret that Instagram video posts generally get much higher interaction rates than photos.

But unfortunately, Instagram’s 60 seconds limit on videos makes it really hard to share content in depth.

Glossier is one of the most popular brands on Instagram, and you can see how they shared a full video that they created on Instagram by dividing it into three publications:

Once you have finished watching a section of the video, all you have to do is swipe to continue watching on the next slide..

That’s why Instagram carousel publications are very useful. Instead of posting a single 60-second video. Postings on the Instagram carousel can share up to 10 videos in an Instagram post

Show the before and after sequences with carousel posts on Instagram

This idea for Instagram carousel publications is a bit more obvious. But there are MANY applications for before and after sequences!

For example, you can share a before and after sequence of how your products work in real life, like @jasonmarkk does with their Premium shoe cleaner.

Or you can even share a photo editing tutorial like @ariellevey.

To create a before and after sequence using the Instagram carousel, all you have to do is select your photos and videos in the correct order, write an interesting Instagram title and then publish them.

You can even share multiple before and after sequences in a single carousel publication!

Share all your photos and videos of events (without spam)

Regular Instagram users do this all the time, but using the posts on the Instagram carousel to show photos of your events is also a great strategy for companies!

Having the ability to share several photos and videos that capture the energy and atmosphere of your events, without having to send spam to all your followers with multiple publications, is a great advantage.

For those who attended your event, it is an excellent way to tag them in a photo to thank them and remind them of the fun they had, and for those who missed it, it is perfect to create expectation for their next event.

The ability to share multiple photos and videos in a single post (rather than posting multiple back-to-back photos and videos) also gives you more flexibility to share relevant content without junk mail to your followers – or affect engagement. your Instagram Double victory!

Fun fact: Kim Kardashian tweeted on Instagram when he realized he could not label people in his carousel publication (the publication just above). This after it was published. Needless to say, Instagram did not take long to add the function. Now you can tag users in your Instagram carousel posts.

So @Instagram, can you change it so that you can tag people in galleries after they are posted, so I can avoid this issue in the future?

Drive traffic with the rodeos of blogs and Instagram carousel publications

It’s becoming easier than ever to connect your Instagram audience with posts or specific articles on the blog, which explains why more and more companies are using Instagram to generate traffic on their blog or website.

But one of the most recent trends is that of the editors who use Instagram carousel publications. This to boost participation in style publications!

It makes a lot of sense, really. If you are writing a blog post that covers several points or topics (such as summaries, product reviews or reviews). You can use carousel publications and give your readers a reason to click on the link in their biography.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend among companies to be more transparent. Especially on how, where and under what conditions your products are manufactured.

Take @everlane for example. The philosophy of the “radical transparency” clothing company is rooted in everything they do. From where they get their materials to the people who actually manufacture their products.

Incorporating a certain level of external transparency in your commercialization can be a really good strategy for companies. Not only does it create a sense of authenticity around your brand. It also generates a link with its customers.

If this is something you want to do with your business, Instagram carousel publications can be very helpful.

Even the mere fact of showing how their products are manufactured. Also giving your followers a behind the scenes look at how your company works can help build brand confidence.

Take @hellofresh, for example. They often share carousel publications that detail all the ingredients that go into their products!

Display customer reviews with carousel posts on Instagram

The success of a company is often very influenced by the opinions of the clients. Therefore, if you are receiving good reviews, it makes a lot of sense to share them in Instagram carousel publications.

The fact is that sharing positive comments with your followers is a great way to increase your visibility. In addition to generating interest in your products or services.

Here is another example of @glossier. The beauty brand shares reviews of its products through Instagram carousel publications.

And so does @sweetstufflife! Scrolling through your feed, you will find dozens of carousel messages. These have rave reviews about their wedding cakes.

Instagram is simply a fantastic channel to share customer comments. Also the carousel publications are excellent to really highlight the subject and generate sales.

If you are launching a new product line or just can not decide which photo to post. Instagram carousel publications are one of the most versatile and easy to use that exist!

Carousel publications not only add depth to your Instagram feed. This gives you much more flexibility to share content without sending spam to your followers.

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