Another Tips to Improve your business’s performance on Instagram

Our followers want more tips about how to improve your business performance on Instagram. So here they are another tips:

Another Tips to Improve your business’s performance on Instagram

Be constant on Instagram for companies

You can not be like the Guadiana, who appears and disappears. Once you start in this social network it is very important that you publish with a regular rhythm and that you do not abandon your profile at the first change. There are no valid excuses to be weeks without publishing, when the ideal is to do it every day. If you do not have time, leave it in the hands of professionals, they will be responsible for keeping your profile updated so that your company gets a good reputation online.

Make the most of the hashtags

To start, use them. It is a very effective way for users that interest you to find you in the social network. You must use both general hashtags and more specific ones . Among the generals, look for those that you can use as keywords and that have to do with your business, as long as they have a good number of searches:

#AgenciaDeMarketing, #GraphicDesign, #SocialReaders, #SocialMedia, #Design, … And use the specifics to name your company # DesayunosWebsa100 or for events, campaigns and punctual contests. Also take advantage of the hashtags that are trend , if they fit with your brand and you can reach many more people in a matter of seconds. Analyze if the hashtags you use are working, with tools like Iconsquare , and if they do not search for new tags that can give you better results.

Use the mentions

As you know, a good feedback with followers is essential for the proper functioning of any corporate social network. For this to happen, it is very important to use the “@” mentions. You can mention your clients, followers, influencers, celebrities, etc. In this way you will increase engagement and get more success in this network.

Show the most human side of your business

Increasingly, you can see how the consumer likes to discover the most human side of companies and know the faces of those who are behind their favorite brands. Take advantage of Instagram for companies to show and present the employees of your business in a more relaxed and fun way. You can also teach the different phases through which your product or service passes and thus make your followers participate in the whole process of developing the project. Your followers will thank you.

Use the power of the video

Instagram allows to publish, in addition to images, videos of up to 15 seconds in length. The videos, even if they are short, allow you to show your product or service in an original and fun way. Use them to get out of the routine and stand out on Instagram for companies. Your followers will love it! The possibilities are as infinite as your imagination.

Make contests

The contests work very well on Instagram for companies. You can create a specific hashtag for a contest and encourage them to send, for example, photos of a topic that has to do with what your company does. The prize is important that is also related to your sector. In this way, you will get your fans to commit and your content to become more viral.

Lean on other social networks

Especially when you start, it is important that you spread your Instagram content for companies on other networks such as Facebook or Twitter, in order to reach more people. Likewise, if you launch a contest, it will have much greater reach when spread it through other channels. This does not mean that you can publish the same in all the networks, because each one has its own “personality”. But you can lean on them when necessary and thus increase your community.

Find the balance

There are very nice and easy to sell products in a visual way and others with which the task is complicated. Our advice is that you always look for a balance between those funny images and made to please everyone and those others in which you show your business as it is. But in Instagram we should never give up “bonitism” and for that we will help ourselves with the great filters that it offers us, converting photos that in principle are not attractive in beautiful images that will please your followers.

Use the right tools to optimize the performance of your Instagram account for businesses.

To establish a winning strategy and, most importantly, analyze the results to change what is not working, it is essential to use external tools or applications. Some “apps” will help you improve your publications, others will tell you what time you should publish, you can also search for the hashtags that are trend at the moment, … and much more. With these tools, you will significantly improve the performance of your profile, thus achieving success in this social network.

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