Comment Strategy, A Way to Win Instagram Followers

How to achieve more followers on Instagram? That seems to be a question that is being asked a lot these days. And with a good reason. Getting more Instagram followers should be a priority for any company or business that uses Instagram for marketing.

However, achieving this is not easy. To help you increase your followers on Instagram we bring you several recommendations that can help you:

Be strategic with your comments to win Instagram Followers

It may seem obvious, but it’s a fireproof way to get followers on Instagram. However this strategy has a trick.

They are probably used to the system, follow, like and comment. Literally, you follow an account, you like one of your posts and leave a comment.

Well, while this strategy may generate some followers, it is tedious and time consuming.

If you really want to grow your account and followers of Instagram you should be much more strategic with your comments.

A recommendation made by the blogger Sue B. Zimmerman, is to watch between 10 and 20 accounts of people or brands that have an audience similar to yours. Keep this list always close and review it constantly.

When you have enough content in your account to generate engagement, go to each of those accounts and leave genuine comments in your most recent posts.

The idea is that you are the last person to comment on the post. In this way, anyone who sees the post in the future will also see your comment. This way, if your comment is interesting enough, these people could go to see your profile.

With genuine comments we refer to avoid leaving generic comments like “good photo” or “Very good”. Instead, you should make an effort to make them interesting, fun or useful.

Try that these comments bear the stamp of the personality of your brand, that way you can show the features that make your products or services unique.

Think that a good comment on Instagram is one that has a connection, personality and that inspires others to take action.

There are also stock automation programs that can help you grow your Instagram followers in a flash.

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