Effective ways to use the links in your Instagram stories

Since the addition of links in your stories is currently the only way to add a specific link to any single message on Instagram. Sellers can add too many links too often

Depending on the number of publications in your complete story, you may want to include one or two messages with links that can be clicked on in the entire story collection. For example, if your story is a series of three or four publications, only one should have the link. If your story has six to eight positions, you can include the link in two of those positions.

And remember, not all story collections should include a link. As a marketer, you must ensure that the link you provide adds value and context to your story in a way that benefits the viewer.

Here are some creative ways to add links to your stories and benefit your viewers:

Direct the traffic of your links in your stories to your blog entries

If you incorporate a blog into your marketing strategy, you know the value of sharing that new blog in as many places as possible. With links in your Instagram Stories, you can not only alert people to the fact that you have a new blog post , but you can include a link directly to that blog post. 

Promote new blog posts with a call to action in your Instagram stories.

Complete your Tutorial or DIY stories

If you are using Instagram Stories to share tutorials or DIY tips with your audience, you can include a link to your website, with the complete instructions, at the end of the story.

For example, if you share a recipe with your audience, the first post may be the finished dish, the next pair of posts would show scenes from the preparation process, and the last post in the story could show the plated plate with a call to Action for Scroll until you get the full recipe for your website.

Share Exclusive Content

A creative way to use the URL of the story is to make fun of your audience with something they want to see more.

A creative way to use the URL of the story is to make fun of your audience with something they want to see more. Zach King shared an Instagram story to announce the winners of a recent contest, but viewers had to swipe to see the list of winners on a page of their website.

Use teasers like Zach King did to encourage your audience to visit your website for something of interest.

This tactic also works well for revealing exclusive information, prying into new products or projects, or bloopers of a recent video session. Be creative in your approach to making fun of your audience!

Promote your products or services

Of course, if you have a product or service to promote, you’ll want to share it with your Instagram stories. Like most social media tactics, this is perfectly acceptable when used sparingly. Not all stories should be used to promote a product or service.

If you choose to use clickable links in the stories to promote your products, you should also use links to some of the other tactics that are listed here. This ensures that your audience will not assume that you are selling to them every time they see a link in your story.

If you are going to promote a product or service or make a promotional campaign, keep it fun and style similar to how your stories usually appear.

When you use links to promote products or services in your Instagram stories, keep the style of your publication the same as your other stories.

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