Guide to create an advertising campaign on Instagram: 1 Creating campaign goals

Before getting into the basics of creating Instagram ads, let’s talk about the campaign goals. The campaign goal is what you want people to do when they see your ads

Instagram offers several campaign objectives that you can select from a prefabricated list. The goal you choose will influence how your ads are optimized and how they are paid.

For example, if your goal is to get more followers, clicks on your ad will be less priority.

You may already be familiar with the goals of the campaign since the creation of Facebook ads. However, not all campaign goals available for Facebook can be used on Instagram. 

More followers on instagram

What are the campaign objectives

On Instagram, the campaign goals you can choose are:

  • Brand awareness: reach people most likely to pay attention to your ads. In this way increase awareness of your brand
  • Scope: Show your ad to the maximum number of people

  • Traffic. to get clicks on your website or in the application store of your application

  • Installations of the application. send people to the store where they can buy your application

  • Commitment. get more people to see and interact with your publication or page. Commitment can include comments, shared, I like, event responses and offers claims

  • Video views. promote videos that show scenes behind the scenes, product launches or customer stories to raise awareness about your brand

  • Conversions. have people perform valuable actions on your website or application, such as adding payment information or making a purchase

Facebook Pixel

If your goal is to sell e-commerce products (conversions) or run a remarketing campaign for users who visit your website, you must first create and install a Facebook pixel.

As we mentioned earlier, a Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that you can place on your website to track visitors and conversions.

If you have a Facebook pixel on your website, when someone clicks on your Instagram ads, visits your website and buys one of your products, the pixel tells Facebook that a conversion occurred.

Facebook then compares that conversion with the group of people who clicked on their Instagram ads. This so you can see how many sales you made in that ad.

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