What happens if Instagram has “detected suspicious activity”? We teach you to solve it

Instagram has declared war on Spam, and this is very good. However, your filters may be a bit harsh. So, sometimes, they pay fair for sinners and they get a notice to users that says that Instagram has detected Suspicious Activity in the account. If that’s your case, we’ll teach you how to solve it.

Suspicious activity in Instragram

On Instagram a Suspicious Activity can include any type of behavior that is inappropriate or offensive, also repetitive actions or the performance of many activities in a short period of time.

The activity refers to actions such as posting photos or videos, commenting, messaging, creating search histories and, in some cases, giving likes.

The Instagram Help Center can be alerted of suspicious activity by means of reports of other users or the recognition of accounts that begin to have a lot of activity after not having it.

Specific examples of suspicious activity include:

  • Inappropriate and offensive behavior 
  • Publish content and create search histories that indicate an unhealthy and insecure emotional state. Examples include vocabulary or visual content that indicates:

– Pornography or nudity.

– Suicide or homicide.

– Bomb threats or terrorist attack.

  • Follow more than a thousand Instagram users in a short period (one day).

  • Discuss many publications within a short period of time-in particular, but not limited to, repeatedly commenting on the same or similar material in each comment.

Other causes of Suspicious Activity on Instagram

Logging in to a country other than the last access is considered a suspicious action. EstaGet Followers on Instagram 

is a measure of protection against spam. The problem is when you use a tool that has its servers hosted in a country other than yours.

How do I identify that my account has suspicious activity?

When trying to log in or take action, one of these messages appears:

Verification request from email or via text message.

If this message appears, you can select the method by which you want to verify.

Once you select it, it will send a code to the selected method.

Enter the code in the box indicated and your account will be verified.

  1. Activity Verification Request.

In this case, instagram asks you to confirm if you have been or have not been the one who performs certain action. In case of being positive, you only have to click on It’s been me, otherwise use the other button and it will take you to a space where you can change your password.

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