How does Instagram Web work?

There is a version of Instagram Web, but you do not have illusions, it is not equal to the version of its mobile application. Continue reading and discover how it works.

How does Instagram Web work?

Instagram web? Does it really exist? Yes of course; but as you should suppose, it is not the same as the mobile version. Instagram’s adaptation for internet browsers is limited, so we’ll explain how Instagram Web works, telling you what it has and what features it needs.

What Instagram Web has

  • fOLLOWERS iNSTAGRAM GET FOLLOWERS INSTAGRAM INTAGRAMWeb instagramView posts and stories: As is obvious, Instagram Web allows you to see the publications of the accounts you follow without any problem. In fact, you can also see the active stories of the accounts you like. In this aspect, the functionality is similar to the mobile version.
  • Explore new accounts and publications: In the Explore section you can also search for accounts and publications according to your interests. What’s more, you can track the most popular trends and hashtags of the moment.

Modify your account

When we talk about modifying, we refer to the privacy settings and personalization of your Instagram account. In Instagram Web you can change password, information of the Bio, among others.

What Instagram Web lacks


Although it may seem incredible, Instagram Web is not connected to the Direct service and, therefore, you can not access the conversations you have with other users. There are third-party options to have a desktop version of Instagram Direct, but they are not recommended for the security of your personal information.

Create stories:

One of the best Instagram tools can not be used. That is, you can see stories but not publish them.

Also, as if this were a catastrophe, you can not directly upload any photograph as a publication. And we say directly, because it can be done but you have to look for a tutorial to achieve it by accessing a programming bug.

Publish without filters:

As if the difficulty of publishing an image was low (because you can not upload videos), none of these can have filters, since it is an exclusive functionality of the mobile version.

Multiple accounts:

One of the most used tools by people who share personal and business accounts is the option to have multiple accounts in the application. In Instagram Web it is totally impossible to do it and this is a great disadvantage, especially for those who work with this social network, since they can not adequately manage their social network.

Instagram web compared to its original version (the mobile application) is too limited. As you could see, all options are restricted to give like, but their new features (such as stories) are not functional. Our recommendation is to use only Instagram Web to see publications and have ideas, but for no reason you must forget your cell phone to get the most out of it.

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