How to get verification on Instagram with the blue Check?

This week Instagram made a great announcement. The platform confirmed that it would be possible for any user to request account verification. That is, now any mortal could request the appearance of the blue “Check” in his account. So you can request verification on Instagram.

Insignia verificada en Instagram verificación en Instagram

Keep in mind that this verification was invented so that people could easily identify public figures. Thus, one can fight against possible false accounts that impersonate the identity of other people.

This is a brief explanation of Instagram:

Of course, as this is a confirmation of the identity of famous people, they can not be granted to everyone. Although now you and anyone else can request verification of Instagram identity, nothing guarantees that they will give it to you.
For this you should take into account the number of followers you have, your relevance, why people follow you, in addition to not posting spam and comply with other community standards. Basically: you can aspire to have it only if you are known and meet the standards.

If in any case you consider that you are a “worthy candidate” of Instagram’s blue check, you can make the request:

The steps to request your verification on Instagram

  •   Enter the application and go to the screen of your profile.
  • Click on the three lines that are located in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Settings”, which is located at the bottom of the tab.
  • Go down to where it says “Request Verification”.
  • Send your real name and a voucher that you are the person that represents the profile. For example, you can attach your identity document, your driving pass, or public documents such as your tax return.
  • Send the information and wait for the platform to confirm your decision.

If you never get an answer, do not get frustrated. Remember that verification is still a very exclusive option of the social network, and still only a few can have it.

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