How to use Instagram IGTV and unify it to your network strategy

Instagram’s IGTV is specifically designed for high quality vertical video for more than 60 seconds. Instagram IGTV works as an independent iOS or Android application, or as an experience directly integrated into the Instagram main application.

The application is now available in the App Store and Google Play, and if you’ve updated Instagram lately, you probably noticed the new IGTV button inside the app.

So, for anyone who wants to launch their video career. Also simply someone who wants to keep up with their favorite stars, here is how to use IGTV:

How to use Instagram’s IGTV
Because IGTV and Instagram work closely together, it is not necessary to create a separate IGTV login. Whenever you log in to the Instagram main application, all you have to do is press “Continue”.

  • The application automatically pulls the videos you think you’ll like on the “For you” tab
  • The background video will play automatically, but do not worry: the sound will be disabled by default.
  • When you want to browse the available videos, simply scroll through the tiles at the bottom.
  • In the “Next” tab, you will be able to see videos of creators that you already follow in the main Instagram application.
  • In “Popular,” you’ll see popular videos of people you do not follow. The “Popular” tab is similar to the “Explore” tab on Instagram, and it’s Instagram’s way of helping you discover new people to follow.

When you find a video that you would like to watch, just touch the screen to remove the tiles and make your video in full screen.

Instagram IGTV design

  • IGTV videos are designed for vertical video, not horizontal. Even if you try to flip your phone to horizontal view, the video will remain vertical.
  • Creators have the option to post links and more information along with their videos. To see that, touch the video title at the top of the screen.
  • You can also “like” and comment on the videos of people on IGTV. Just touch the heart button or comment at the bottom of the video.
  • Instagram also added pre-set emoji reactions. You can play an emoji and publish it in the person’s video.
  • Share content in IGTV and other functionalities
  • IGTV has many of the same sharing capabilities as Instagram. You can get a direct link to a video or send it in a direct message on Instagram.
  • If you pause in the middle of a video, IGTV will remember where to leave you. You can find the video again in the “Continue watching” tab.
  • When you are ready to start your own channel, simply click on your profile picture where you see it appear. That will take you to your own landing page.
    Click on the “+” button, and you can start uploading videos on IGTV


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