IGTV tips and tricks that you need to know

While exploring IGTV, I noticed some important things you should know. Here are some tips and tricks of IGTV that you need to know:

IGTV tricks and some things that maybe you did not know

1. YOU CAN NOT edit the title or description of your video on your mobile. but YOU CAN do it on the desktop. If you make a mistake, do not worry: go to instagram.com and click on the ‘IGTV’ tab ‘IGTV’.

2. You can click on the links within the video descriptions of IGTV !. Make sure you’re linking to something relative and useful

3. Your IGTV channel will appear on your Instagram profile next to the highlights of your video.

4. IGTV videos should be recorded at an aspect ratio of 9:16 or 1080 x 1920 pixels. If you record it with the phone in an upright position, you do not have to worry about this!

5. You can link your IGTV video within Instagram Stories.

When loading a story, click on the link icon. then select ‘IGTV video’ and select the video you want to link.

6. You will receive IGTV notifications on your Instagram notification tab

If you get a liking and comments in your videos, they will appear in the notifications of your Instagram account.

7. IGTV currently has no ads or methods for monetization

However, I hope we will see this addition very soon if you really want to compete with YouTube.

So there you have it, the possibilities of IGTV! What you think?.

Comment on IGTV

Personally, I think IGTV is a great addition to the Instagram application.

However, it is not necessary that all accounts participate (yet). No monetization opportunities like YouTube (receive payments based on visits); nor without a way for viewers to find their content through searches, creating content for IGTV could mean a greater workload with little return on investment.

Now, having said that, you can create quality IGTV content that impresses your audience or broadens your experience. This will make your relationship with them better. That could lead to even greater engagement or sales. But the ability to reach new audiences is limited at this time so I would not put all my strategy on IGTV!

Try it, but do not devote all your time and energy. It has not yet proven to have a positive return on investment.

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