Why is it important to have an Instagram account for your business?

With more than 300 million active users monthly sharing 70 million photos a day, Instagram is a niche you can not ignore. Over the years Instagram has been configured as a network that companies should seriously consider. Here’s why it’s important that you have an Instagram account for your Business:

If you consider that Instagram is a network for freelancer photographers or for young people who want to be famous, you should consider it twice. If you open an Instagram account for your Business you will be able to realize that this network is really a paradise for the Markething.

When you are promoting a brand or service, one of the basic principles is to go where the customers are. And on Instagram there are millions.

So you can, with the right followers strategy, make Instagram the secret weapon for the progress and success of your business.

Advantages of having an Instagram account for Your business

Basically, the advantage offered by Instagram is the option to share content. Internet users prefer visual content, and Instagram specializes in this.

Being able to share photos and images with others is a great bonus for your brand. This gives you the opportunity to visually share your company with your ideal audience.

Things like company events, new products, conferences, among others, are some of the content that you can generate. And the best thing is that customers and client prospects love seeing things, about any other form of promotion.

We suggest you develop a strategy of visual content, which is aimed at branding your brand and sales.

Why are the photos important?

Appeal to emotions

Good visual content appeals to the emotions of those who see them. And this works at a level and speed that the text can not normally address. Thanks to the applications to share photos, and to which we can retouch them, an efficient visual strategy can be developed, and Instagram is a great place to show those contents.

Create closeness

The photos are a wonderful way to give your brand an image and voice. These allow customers and potential customers to relate to your brand, also giving a message faster and easier than through other means.


The photos and images that are shared through the applications provide a perfect opportunity to generate engage. In addition, this is done in a fun and minimally invasive way.

This does not mean that generating marketing through social networks is easy. But at least it brings you closer to a lot of followers, who can be your future customers.

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