Increase in Instagram advertising and publishing will be normal in 2018

When Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, the biggest fear of all was that Instagram became a pay-per-use platform like Facebook. We’re talking about increasing Instagram posts in 2018 and how this seems to be the trend.

Instagram marketing trends for 2018

Almost 6 years later, we are finally beginning to see that dreaded decrease in organic reach.

Fortunately, Instagram Stories saved the day by giving brands a new, effective and free way to connect with their followers. And they even allow brands to add clickable links to their content. 😉

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But if you want to maintain a high level of engagement and reach Instagram in 2018, you should become familiar with Instagram advertising.

While regular Instagram ads have been around for a while, they require a small level of experience to begin with. Running your own Instagram advertising campaign is not that difficult, but it can be intimidating. Especially for many small business owners and influential people who have not done it before.

Increase in Instagram advertising and publications

The good news is that you can now simply “push” Instagram posts to your followers (and simil

ar people) without having to set up specific Instagram and targeting ads.

Promoting posts on Instagram is similar to increasing Facebook posts. Just create a regular Instagram post and, once it is published, you can choose to promote it to get more likes, impressions and “profile visits”.

Your Instagram post appears in the feed as usual, with the only difference being the “sponsored” notation at the top and the call to action button:

In 2018, it is completely normal for brands to have a very low organic reach on Facebook. Most brands and small businesses rely on Facebook ads to promote their content.

The organic reach in Instagram will not disappear in 2018. However, it will be much more difficult to achieve high engagement without any support or strategy paid.

In fact, many Instagram influencers are already starting to promote their own publications. This in an effort to maintain their engagement and remain relevant.

If you want to stay ahead in 2018. Now is the time to start learning how to optimize your Instagram marketing with paid advertising.

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