Learn how to use Instagram as a marketing tool

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool has already passed the 1 billion users, good number for any business. Currently, it is one of the most interactive social networks that exist. However, it is not recommended for all brands.

Why use Instagram as a marketing tool?

Through this platform, the most important thing is the image. So, if you can not share interesting visual content or your target audience is not located in this network, it is better to evaluate other options.

Instagram’s main advantage to a company is that the same customers of the business will be the fundamental piece to help position it on the platform. The photos you share of your product or service must be personalized.

One of the ways in which you can take advantage of the platform – if you are registered as a brand – is the free publicity that the mentions of the users make. For example, a client who visits a restaurant will take a picture of what he is eating and place on his profile: “Here enjoying with some friends in @nameofyourbrand”. So the followers that he has will know you without you having invested a penny.

The idea is not only to have presence, you must also post quality material and be up to date. Nobody is going to give you a follow-up if you do not have any information or if the most recent photo is from three months ago.

Instagram also provides an infallible market segmentation that will help you get customers more easily. These will interact with your content, you will reach your audience more easily through visuals. What better online marketing strategy is it?

What should you show on Instagram?

Products: lovers of social networks are always in search of new products and services, the best way to reach them is through these platforms. You will attract the attention of potential clients, generating curiosity through attractive and different images that are in tune with your brand. Only then will the client be tempted to know what you have to offer. And if you get to try it and feel satisfied, you can recommend it.

To your workers: one way to not see yourself as a “company” is to show who your workers are, what makes it possible for that product or service to be done on a daily basis. Similarly, publicize part of the corporate activities they do.

Part of the company: one of the processes to approach people is to make them feel part of what you do. Users will always be curious about the process of creating the product or service of your brand. It’s not that you’re going to show everything, but you can reveal specific elements. For example, if you are a company that sells cakes, you will not show the exact recipes, but a little of how you prepare them.

Contests: you must know well the rules of the game of both Instagram and the country in which you would like to develop the contest. With these you achieve an incredible projection, above all, if you ask your participants to upload a certain photo (in which your brand is seen, of course).

What else you could do?

Content of your followers: there are several applications external to Instagram with which you can share the images of your followers. With them, you will give prominence to the person who originally uploaded the image. So, also, the incentive to continue sharing information about your brand.

Balance between funny images and those of your brand: you should take advantage of the effect caused by funny or tender images among our followers. If they are published regularly you will get them to associate your business with that, it also depends on the type of company you run. You will not use this resource with a business such as funeral homes or a law firm, for example.

Use Instagram to sell

And as in Instagram there are more than 500 million users, all brands will want to stand out to have the greatest possible visibility. Each business has a particular strategy, the following recommendations are basic for your publications to be a success, maybe even specific customers. Before, read the myths of social networks with which you must finish.

Your publications must have something: although you are a brand, only 20% of your content must be advertising. Integrate your products or services through a story; A good option is the experience of a client. It is transcendental that you know your product and its benefits, but you can not do it directly, the stories will always get hooked.

What should you do

Quality images: Instagram has as its main feature the image (either in photo or video). Through them you should look for your business to stand out. Upload photos that are really attractive and high quality, that are related to your brand to achieve empathy with your followers. Make the style that you show on your profile coincide with the web design and the personality of your site.

Do not exaggerate in the publications: for many people it can be a bit overwhelming that you occupy good space of your timeline. Make use of your publication calendar and rate them: two or three a day at key times or prime time (morning, noon and night). The key is that there is a minimum of 6 hours between each post.

Appropriate hashtag: tags help you reach people better. It is not about placing many, you also have to dose them; that is, to place the best hashtag in order to reach people. You also have to create your own labels and promote them among your followers to position yourself. Find the ones that best suit the type of business your brand has.

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