Instagram Online Chat is it possible to get it?

Instagram Online Chat? Can I have the Instagram messaging service on my computer? Discover it now.

Being in Instagram Online Chat is possible from a computer, but not through the service of Instagram Direct, but by a platform from another company that created it in open source to distribute it for free. If you want to have the Chat Online service, then continue reading to find out how to do it.

Why is it good to have the Instagram Online Chat on your computer?

fOLLOWERS iNSTAGRAM GET FOLLOWERS INSTAGRAM INTAGRAMAlthough the mobile version is the one that offers you all the tools to upload and manage content, the truth is that some influencers prefer to use the chat from a computer to answer messages and communicate. This is because writing and reading is easier to perform.

It is good to have Instagram chat on your computer whenever you have a high volume of messages to answer, since it will be easier to communicate with your followers.

Our recommendation is that if you do not receive a large number of messages, then do not use a computer version for the chat, take full advantage of your mobile application. Remember that in the web version you can not upload videos, stories or use filters in your publications.

Follow these steps to have IG: dm, the Instagram Chat platform

IG:dm is the application developed by third parties to have Instagram chat on the computer.

This can be downloaded for free from its official site In this place you can download it for the operating system installed on your computer: Windows, Linux or Mac.

After the download and its installation, it is necessary to login with your Instagram username and password. This login will generate an impersonation alert, therefore you must be careful to approve access from a third party application.

From the linkage of IG: dm with your Instagram account, you can start using chat. Either with new conversations or some that you already have.

This version of chat is a bit limited to the mobile version, since you will not be able to share stories or publications with your contacts, although you will be able to see the ones that other people send you. The only functionality, besides the messages, is that you can include emojis in the messages you send.

If you want to use Instagram Online Chat (Instagram Direct, from your real name), there is no doubt that it has to be with third-party tools, since the Instagram Web version does not have this tool.

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