How to Incorporate the Functionality of Instagram Questions in your Marketing Strategy?

Have you ever wondered how Instagram questions serve you for your marketing strategy? You are not the only one. Because of this, we have created this article to give you the general guide of how to use this new tool and increase the visibility of your brand in front of the almost 105 million users that Instagram has today.

1. Frequently Asked Questions about what you want

Frequently Asked Questions are essential when helping our brand’s customers and users. You can use the Instagram questions to offer direct contact with your followers, helping them with the questions they have about your products or services. You can choose a day or a few hours during the week to open this section with a post and then answer the questions you want.
On the other hand, if you are scared that there are malicious comments or too strong, the questions have two advantages for you. First, the question will be hidden if you decide not to publish the answer; and second, the question is not anonymous and you can manage the request privately. This is one of the best options that Instagram stories have.

2. Test field for something new

Are you about to launch new products or services and do not know if they will work? Then hurry up and ask on Instagram. Remember that marketing is also reading the market, and this tool allows you to know opinions directly with customers.
Do not be afraid to ask what you want, people are sincere in social networks and you can quickly know if your idea can work in the future.

3. Instagram questions as expectation

Every day we have ideas to tell and we want to give a small expectation to achieve impact by revealing the new thing we have. So, if we combine the question with images about the new thing that we are going to reveal, we can create expectation about anything.
For example: If there is a contest, you can show part of the prize and ask something about the mechanics, like Do you want to win this …? o What do you think will be the prize for our contest? Also, you can use it for new products, relocation of venues, or whatever you decide.

4. Ask about the products you want to promote

At times our marketing strategies are focused on the promotion of specific products and services. That’s why Instagram questions allow us to put in the minds of our followers what we want. You can use this tool to ask about the models or types of preferred products within the category that you must promote and, even, to inquire about what kind of promotions or discounts your customers expect.

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