Instagram Stories, everything you need to know to get the most out of this functionality

Since its acquisition by Facebook, Instagram has been renewed incessantly: its latest novelty are Instagram Stories(or Instagram Stories ). What is this new function about? What is it for? What are the criticisms you have received? All that and much more, we tell you in this post .

What is Instagram Stories?

Recently the Instagram team announced the launch of a new feature, known as “Instagram Stories” ( Instagram Stories ).Its main quality is to grant users the possibility of creating short videos, which disappear after 24 hours of publication.

But that’s not all: people can also add drawings, stickers and emojis to decorate their videos . Regarding the disappearance of content after 24 hours, the developers claim that its purpose is to allow users to share informal posts about their daily activities .

In the words of the Instagram team , “This new feature allows you to share all the moments of the day, not just the ones you want to keep in your profile. As you share your different photos and videos, they appear together as a movie sequence that shapes your story . “

They also ensure that with this feature users will not have to take care to share too much information: “With Instagram Stories, you do not have to worry about publishing excess content. On the contrary, you can share everything you want throughout the day and be as creative as you like . “

Finally, they emphasize the use of effects and the elimination of the story after a day: “You can also give more vitality to your story, using drawing and text tools. The photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours and will not be shown again on your profile or in the main section . “

Can Instagram stories be scheduled to be published automatically at another time?

Instagram is an excellent channel to arrive every day to the lives of your potential clients, but many times this means that if we manage one or several Instagram accounts, we do not have a break and we spend working every day of the week, so week included, uploading content to our networks.

That’s why Cronopost exists, to give you back weekends and make your life much more productive! If you are interested in learning how to program your content on your networks, I recommend reading this step by step: How to schedule posts on Instagram.

How to create the best Instagram Stories?

The use that can be given to Instagram Stories is infinite and depends a lot on the creativity and design knowledge of each one. However, there are tools to simplify the work of those who do not have the time or knowledge to edit or create photos with the corresponding sizes and dimensions.

With Canva, you can choose the option to create an Instagram Story and use one of its models to make your work easier and save time! You can download it free or directly schedule it in your Instagram account on the day and time you want!

How can you see the Instagram stories posted by your friends?

To see the Instagram Stories created by your friends, you simply have to tap on their profile picture . To know if there are new History s available, you should check if the profile photos of your contacts have a circle around them . If the circle appears, it means that there are recent Instagram Stories.

At the same time, when you sign in to Instagram you can check if someone has shared Stories by taking a look at the bar in the upper area of ​​the Main Section . As for the Instagram Stories exploration , you can go through the Stories as you see fit.

In fact, when entering someone’s Stories you can go back or forward moving your finger, and even go to the Story of another contact. Now, it is important to clarify that you can not Like or comment on Instagram Stories . So, if you have something to say, you must do it by Private Message .

How to know who saw your Instagram stories and know the order of visualizations?

To know who has seen your stories ( number and name of the people who have seen each photo or video) you just have to open your story and swipe up on the screen . From mobile phones, you can also press the gear icon in iOS (or the three-point icon in Android).

The order of the visualizations is not chronological nor based on the number of times that person saw your story .Instagram orders visualizations based on the interaction with your followers. It’s something similar to the operation of Facebook in terms of the news feed: those publications are always shown of the people with whom you interact the most (those you place them like, comment or share).

In the case of Instagram, if you look and interact frequently with the profile of a specific user, the Instagram algorithm gets moving and places that user higher than the rest of the people in the list of those who have seen your stories.

What does the Instagram algorithm value? Not only the visits that you make to the profile of that user. Also the likes, comments, shares and other interactions.

How to Activate the Instagram Stories Function on your Mobile?

The announcement of this new feature is quite recent, so it may take a few days or weeks to be available around the world. However, it is very likely that you can enjoy this new feature on your device. To check, I advise you to update the Instagram application on your phone .

How Does Privacy Work in Instagram Stories?

According to the Instagram team, “Your story has the same privacy settings as your account. If your account is private, only your followers will be able to see it. However, you can also hide your sequence completely if you do not want someone to see it, even if it follows you . “

So, as you can see, you have several configuration optionsthat you can modify according to your preference. For example, if your account is private and you request prior approval before someone starts following you, the visibility of your Instagram Stories will require, by default, the same approval.

By reviewing your publication you have the possibility to know who have seen your Instagram Stories . Finally, Instagram also enables you to decide if you want to publish a specific fragment of your story in your profile.

What Are the Reviews of Instagram Stories? The obvious similarity with Snapchat

Since Facebook acquired Instagram developers have worked to adopt qualities of other social networks that could be a major competition. This happened for example with the implementation of hashtags (previously exclusive to Twitter ) or the incorporation of videos (based on the success of Vine ).

In this case, Instagram practically cloned the feature Stories of Snapchat , a social network focused on videos whose main quality is to guarantee the elimination of content published by users , after a certain period of time.

  • Here is a list of coincidences between Instagram and Snapchat that show the implementation of the new function before the success of Snapchat:
  • Both applications limit the duration of the videos to a maximum of 10 seconds .
  • In both cases, the stories are grouped in a row of small circles within the app .
  • The two applications allow you to add drawings or stickers to the created videos.
  • In both cases, the created Histories are eliminated from the servers after a certain period of time.

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