Instagram tools to post better quality photos

In instagram everything is about images. Therefore, if you want to gain more followers you should post better quality photos.

However, not all of them have the right equipment for this. Need help? These photo editing applications will help you add filters and overlays, adjust the brightness, and even edit any defects in the background making your life easier.

The photos are the soul of instagram. Clean photos, with good resolution and lighting are the key to achieving likes, followers and comments. VSCO is a well-known application. Not only does it have one of the most used brand hashtags on Instagram (#vscocam), its photo editing application is one of the most popular (and powerful) on the market.

In fact, a survey conducted on a group of Instagram influencers which was their favorite photo editing application, VSCO came out as the clear winner.

How to use VSCO Cam: VSCO filters provide a very natural effect, and make the photos are not over-edited, in addition to having a wide variety which is an advantage in a medium as competed as Instagram.

Along with the application of filters, the application allows you to adjust the elements of the photo. These include brightness, contrast, temperature, fade, sharpness and more.


Whether you want to do a quick edit or something a little more advanced, the Google Snapseed image editing application is simple, easy to use and perfect for when you’re on the move.

How to use SnapSeed: After applying your VSCO filter, you can import the photo to Snapseed. This to use their unique tools such as the environment, selective adjustment (to edit a part of a photo). Also your brush tool, which is perfect for making certain aspects of your photo brighter or more saturated.


Whether you’re sharing tips, inspirational quotes or wanting to add a creative twist to your Instagram marketing campaign, Over is a great application that allows you to apply text and graphics superimposed on your photos.

How to use Over: Over is marketed as an “easy application for creativity and design”. And that is! Once downloaded, you can choose from 18 different sources. Also a ton of different graphics, and adjust the size, color, to achieve the perfect appearance.

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