Instagram vs Snapchat, what are the advantages and disadvantages

A battle for millions of accounts of people companies started for years: Instagram vs Snapchat. As we do not take sides, we show you advantages and disadvantages of each one so you can decide which one is best for you.

Instagram vs Snapchat

fOLLOWERS iNSTAGRAM GET FOLLOWERS INSTAGRAM INTAGRAMInstagram Vs Snapchat is a battle that struggles to be the center of attention of millennials who prefer not to use Facebook or Twitter. These social networks, which initially had different objectives (Instagram share photos and Snapchat share states or temporary situations that disappeared in 24 hours), offer similar content and compete to capture the largest number of active users. If you still do not know which one to choose for you or your brand, we will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each one so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Instagram benefits

  • 1 Billion users: Instagram, thanks to its connection with Facebook, is a social network with millions and millions of active users per day. Regardless of whether you are a person who wants to share your life or a brand that expects to sell your products and services, the potential of users is much higher than that of Snapchat.
  • Innovation in content: Although the “stories” or “stories” started as the main function of Snapchat, Instagram allows to put filters, gifs, generate questions, among other new functions, which allow greater interaction between followers. Currently, with the new features, many influencers tell their life through Instagram, since it is visually more effective to demonstrate situations, products and services.

Disadvantages of Instagram

  • Accessibility only on the mobile: Although it is a disadvantage shared with Snapchat, Instagram features (upload photos and chat) are only possible from the mobile.

Snapchat advantages

  • It is a pioneer in the story system: Snapchat quickly became a phenomenon since the publications were eliminated after 24 hours. Which was too fun and ideal for millennials who did not want to leave a trace of their activities. This is an advantage, since it is still a reference in this functionality.
  • Creation of filters and masks by the same people: Although it is a paid functionality, anyone can create and use masks and filters in the content they will share on Snapchat.

Disadvantages of Snapchat

  • 150 million users: Compared to Instagram, the number of Instagram users is much lower, especially in Latin America. This is why many influencers have abandoned their Snapchat accounts, since creating content for this network does not guarantee that they are massive.
  • The best services are payments: Snapchat charges for the use of some masks or publications that people can make. Although they are micropayments, this is a big disadvantage to Instagram where all their tools are free.

As you can tell, if we want an Instagram vs Snapchat winner, there is no doubt that Instagram is the king, since the number of active users per day is greater in the sister application of Facebook.

In addition, their innovation is constant to add new forms of interaction that will help you to position your brand or have more fun than on Snapchat. However, as between tastes there are no dislikes: Which app do you prefer?

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