Instastory, a trend in content production

On August 2 of the year 2017, Instagram launched a new feature to the market that further boosted the number of users that day by day use this social network, we spoke nothing more and nothing less than Instastory, the function that amazed many and that became a worldwide trend among the lovers of the application.

This new attribute of the app maintains a close similarity with other social networks such as Snapchat in terms of its functions, but nevertheless the Instagram stories have become a communicational milestone completely crushing the competition.

With functions such as: boomerang filters, writing about the photos and videos that you publish, adding stickers and even sending a direct stories to some other specific user that you want are just some of the benefits that this particularity of the mogul owned by Facebook. Instagram offers us, so much so that it is impossible to spend just one day without publishing any content within this platform.

Companies follow users. Also the big brands attract followers. These and other tools of the social network serve to reach your customers effectively. This way you can market your products or services. This has made Instastory an indispensable tool for the general public.

Use of Instastory as a digital marketing strategy

For example, advertising a product. It may not be so beneficial if it can only be seen by users for 24 hours. This is the duration time that the stories keep. But if it is done with the correct hashtag, at the precise moment, this publication will achieve a greater scope. All this to generate the traffic that your company requires.

With the appearance of this new functionality, the originality and creativity of the users was not far behind. The creation of different images and videos with the tools that Instagram offers us took the content proposals. Converting this innovation into an engine that drives new strategies day by day for those who live in the digital world.

Today we add 800 million registered and active users within intagram. It is a great figure to position the social network as the second most used in the world. That is why tools such as stories will continue to appear and innovate. All in an attempt of the developers to position themselves to continue maintaining this reign. Therefore you must always stay at the forefront of these new developments. This way you can guarantee success in terms of content production.

Social networks today are the largest information window we have at our disposal. So if you use it little or you have not done it yet, it was time to get the juice out of these tools. Become a genius of the digital age with Instagram stories. It is a tool that has become a trend in web content.

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