Are you interested in winning many followers on Instagram?

There are two kinds of commercial profiles on Instagram when it comes to followers. On the one hand there are those accounts that privilege the number of followers on Instagram. The second class of commercial profile is aimed at a specific audience.

The type of followers that a profile requires is defined according to the purpose of the profile.

Despite this, every commercial profile requires segmentation. However there are groups or circles of wider interest, so keep in mind the following:

The scope of your business and your Instagram followers

Before selecting a niche at random it is necessary that you ask yourself the scope of your business. It probably does not suit you to have thousands of followers from all over the world, if the scope of your business is limited to your city.

Likewise, if your business is open to the global public, you should keep in mind elements such as the age or gender of your followers. This is because the content or products offered by your account is not necessarily in everyone’s interest.

Product or service

The products and services have characteristics that fit more to one type of person than to another. The people that fit the profile of your brand or product are your ideal audience.

Therefore, you should try to attract as many people. This is achieved by knowing your clientele. You must know what they like, what attracts them, what their interests are. In this way you can establish a content strategy aimed at that specific audience.

Meet the competition

The competition is not only the companies or people with whom you are in conflict. These are also business models that you can base yourself on.

For example, a company with a profile similar to yours, but one that has more experience or is more successful, has a lot to offer you.

Use them as reference profiles, study their strategies, the ways in which they interact with their clients and the way they attract them.

Likewise, those same followers are potential clients of yours, so it is no good that you study them, through actions such as the labels they use or the profiles they follow. Once you have this knowledge you can develop a strategy of tags, likes or followed.

There are programs designed to help you perform these actions automatically, once you have managed to do the segmentation. You can try one and this will help you gain followers according to your needs as a company.

Keep in mind that having thousands of followers without interest on your brand can be harmful. For example, with this kind of audience it is difficult to get interactions. A profile with many followers, but few interactions, tends to lose credibility.

Likewise, it will be almost impossible for you to achieve the sales you want with this kind of profile.

What we recommend is that, beyond the discussion between quality or quantity, you focus on getting to know your clients and being able to make an appropriate segmentation.

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