Nudes on Instagram, knows some restrictions that this network has

Have you seen nudes on Instagram? Probably not, since Instagram does not allow them. Know now the restrictions of this social network against content that includes nudity and explicit material.

Instagram, since it was bought by Facebook in 2012, increased control of the publications that are shared in it. One of the most significant changes is about the nudity policy on Instagram. This is a very serious issue for this social network and therefore has strict rules that regulate the publications that show more and eliminate them automatically.

Nudes on Instagram. What does the policy say

If you do not know these rules well, we will explain 4 specific points about them so you know what kind of content you can post without violating the rules of nudity on Instagram.

1. Pornography or explicit content

For no reason can you post a mastectomy scar on any account. This includes revenge porn or sharing personal and third-party personal photos and videos.

2. No nipples or private parts

In addition to the pornographic content, the most important thing is that you can not show nipples, a scar from a mastectomy or totally naked buttocks. That is, no human nude is accepted by the social network. Any content that shows a part of the body that is prohibited by Instagram will be deleted automatically.

It is important to clarify that although most of the elimination is done through automated systems, if your photographs are not deleted but violate these rules, any user can report them for Instagram to remove them manually.

3. Guaranteed protection of minors

The nudes of partial children are totally forbidden. This rule includes those classic photos of children bathing or teaching more than necessary. Although this is a somewhat restrictive measure against holiday photos, everything is done in the name of the protection of children against sexual predators of minors in the network.

4. Nudes on Instagram that are allowed

Although these rules are strict, there are three situations allowed to skip them and they will not be cause to remove content.

  • Scars: Although a photograph may have a partial nude, if it shows as a fundamental element a scar will remain in the network. For example: a scar from a mastectomy, accompanied by a breast is accepted by Instagram.
  • Breastfeeding: Photos that include a mother breastfeeding a baby can be published. Even if the image or video shows a nipple.
  • Works of art and sculptures: The nudes on Instagram of people are forbidden, but those that are in works of art and sculptures can be shared on Instagram, as long as they are not denounced by copyright.

Since you know the most important rules of nudes on Instagram. You can know what kind of content to publish so that it is not removed from the social network. Also, if you already know the rules, it is likely that you will achieve partial nudity in case you want to upload one to your account.

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