How to program in Instagram stories that improve the Engagement of your audience?

If we talk about Digital Marketing and Social Networks, Instagram is a must .  To make the most of it, today we will learn how to program in Instagram Stories.

Highly attractive and highly entertaining visual, the platform has proven to be an excellent ally to connect with your audience.

Actually Instagram offers the possibility of sharing photos that is what has traditionally characterized the platform, but also stories that disappear after 24 hours from the time of publication.

These Instagram stories appear first in the news feed of the users and are also automatic playback, meaning that when the user sees one, at the end of this, the following are automatically reproduced. Giving us an unparalleled opportunity to reach our followers with visual and dynamic content.

For all this, today we will show you how to program stories on Instagram, to share them automatically, using Cronoplanner. That way you can advance work and make sure that your followers (old and new) will always have “fresh” content available. Here we go!

Why does story programming on Instagram help your brand?

There are several reasons why programming stories on Instagram is highly favorable for your brand. The platform already has more than 800 million users, who use this Social Network to learn more about their favorite businesses and interact with their proposals.

In this context, Instagram Stories have specific qualities that bring great benefits in terms of digital marketing:

  • It allows you to communicate the identity of your brand in a creative and daily way.
  • They offer functions to maximize your diffusion (such as the use of geotags and hashtags).
  • It allows you to conduct surveys to know the opinion of your audience on specific topics.
  • They provide numerous tools to enrich your stories creatively (such as different fonts, stickers, animated GIFs , etc.).

As you may have noticed, the points mentioned are very favorable. And if we add the advantage of programming your stories to be automatically shared, we obtain a solid and systematic Social Media strategy that will make your business grow on the platform like never before.

How to program in Instagram stories that improve the Engagement of your audience?

Benefits of programming your Instagram Stories 

  •             Systematize your content strategy
  •             It helps you to advance your work and save time.
  •             Guarantee the publication of content in your account, even if you are not logged in.
  •             Keep your presence on the rise in the Social Network, with no margin for human error.
  •             It allows you to define in advance the days and times in which you want to share your Story.

Keep in mind that the text that you have scheduled to accompany your story is automatically copied to the clipboard of your phone. so, by pressing “paste”, it will be automatically added to your story.

Finally, you must simply press the button to share your story. That is all!

We strongly recommend that you choose to program your Instagram stories. As this will simplify the task of maintaining your brand in view of users. And your engagement on the rise. 

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