How to create a quick Instagram account

Do you want to create a quick and easy Instagram account? Continue reading and find out, especially if you want to open a business profile.

Creating a quick Instagram account is very easy. To do so, you only need to have access to the application, either from your cell phone or your mobile phone. However, as we know it is simple, we are going to take this opportunity to tell you how to create an account for companies and their advantages.

Create it from your computer or smartphone

Although many do not know it, an Instagram account can also be created from a computer by going to However, if you are going to open them through PC or in the application itself you just have to follow the steps below:

  • Download the application on your cell phone or log in from your computer at
  • Enter your email or cell phone, in addition to your full name.
  • Create your username (Our recommendation is that it be a striking name and that it expresses what will be shown in the account).
  • Define your password. A word that combines capital letters and numbers is ideal to maintain your security.

You can also create your Instagram account using a link from Facebook that will help you complete the information and link the accounts automatically.

And ready. It’s that easy to create an Instagram account. From this point, you must complete the registration by adding information in the Bio, a profile photo and the URL of your personal blog or other social network.

Create an business Instagram account 

Banner Speedygram FollowingIf you are not creating a personal account, but for a company or brand, it is important that you understand how you can do it and why it is the best for a brand. The steps to create it are the same, only you choose the Business option and you must configure more fields.

In addition to entering the URL of your company’s website and using the same picture you have on the other social networks (usually the logo), you must choose the category your organization is part of and a button (Call To Action) to meet the objectives of your company: Sale, direct to your online store, book tickets, among others.

It is very important that you use the CTA button properly in your account, since it is the only one that a company can use for free in the social network. The other buttons that work in publications are paid, so decide carefully which one to use.

As you can see, no matter if you are going to create a personal or business Instagram account, you can do it quickly, easily and yourself.

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