Shudu, the black model who is a sensation on Instagram

There are thousands of beautiful models on Instagram, but Shudu, a black model, is very different from all of them.

Cameron-James Wilson is a British photographer and a self-taught 28 year old. This is the man behind the stunning dark-skinned model. He created Shudu after learning on his own 3D molded account, using online resources and YouTube videos.

“Shudu represents what I’ve always seen as beautiful, but something I do not see often enough.” Wilson told a magazine. “Although a small change is now taking place, however, more people need to question what is really beautiful.”

The controversy over the creation of a black model on Instagram

Although the artist affirms that he wanted to spread the message of empowerment and inclusion and many praise his talent, there was against. They say that by creating a black model, the photographer wants to take away the work of real black women.

“A white photographer discovered a way to take advantage of black women without having to pay one.” That was written by a Twitter user. “Now, please, tell me how our economic system is not built in any way and, frankly, it depends on racism and misogyny.”

When asked what he thinks about all the negativity, Wilson says he never had bad intentions and that he does not plan to use Shudu as a business model. “For me it’s special, yes, but so are millions of real-life African men and women.”

In general, the ideal is that you take advantage of your talent and look for an opportunity. Social networks lend themselves to make visible all kinds of content. Try to be creative with the content, so you can achieve a striking profile. Similarly, you can interesting campaigns if you think a little outside the mold.

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