Solution to the verification code of Instagram

Some time ago we mentioned in this blog that Instagram was having a lot of problems with SPAM and bots to create false accounts, in fact today still gives a lot of headaches to this social network. Now we’re going to give you the solution to the verification code of Instagram.

However, almost a year ago, Instagram implemented a verification system based on a code to stop this scourge and prevent its platform from being filled with false accounts.

The problem is that since this system was enabled, thousands of people have seen how their Instagram account was blocked without being able to do almost anything. Well, a few days ago a follower of this blog revealed a solution to the verification code of Instagram that allows unlocking any account that is pending verification.

What’s wrong with Instagram’s verification code

This verification system works through SMS, that is, Instagram asks you for a phone number to send you the famous verification code through an SMS message and when you receive it you only have to enter it where you indicate to verify your account.

So far everything is normal, the problem comes when you do NOT receive the SMS and the verification code of Instagram does not arrive, no matter how much you enter the phone number, and the funny thing is that it is a fairly widespread problem.

For some reason, Instagram is having problems sending messages with the verification code correctly. Moreover, several people have already told us that they received messages in Chinese! Nothing that looked like a code.

The consequence of this is that there are thousands of accounts of real users of Instagram blocked because of a code that Instagram does not send them. Surreal, but true.

How to receive the message with the unlock code on Instagram

If you are also one of those who are suffering from this blockage by Instagram and even if you try, you do not receive the verification code, so pay attention to what we are going to explain next, because it will surely help you .

The solution to this problem lies in using a web application to receive SMS messages. In this case, the web application we are going to use is Receive SMS Online, which is completely free and does not require registration. Therefore, the steps you should take to verify your Instagram account are:

Enter the Receive SMS Online website.

You will see a list of telephone numbers from different countries and next to the number of messages received in the last 24 hours. Click on the phone number with fewer messages and more messages.

Despite the indications of the web itself, many users have only worked with the phone number with more messages. (The number of messages received may not be up to date, so if you have trouble receiving your message with that number, choose another phone number).

 Solution to the verification code of Instagram

Now on the message reception page you will see the phone number just above, copy it whole (including the “+” sign), then paste the number in the notice that Instagram shows you and press “Send”.

What else you have to do?

When you’ve sent the previous phone number, Instagram will ask for the corresponding verification code. To get the message with the code, simply go back to the message reception page and reload it.

Once the page is updated, you will see the last messages received in the table below. What you have to do is copy the verification code that Instagram has sent you and that you will see in the “Message” column. Your message should be from the first ones or be between them, anyway make sure that the number in the “From number” column is 69988.

 Solution to the verification code of Instagram

Finally, paste the code that you just copied, on the page where Instagram asks you and you’re done! You already have your Instagram account verified.

If you have followed the steps correctly you will see how in a matter of minutes the blocking of your Instagram account disappears and from that moment you will be able to upload photos and videos, comment, mention others and ultimately enjoy all the features of your full account This solution to the Instagram verification code has been tested by many users and it works.

We hope it will help all those who have seen their account blocked from one day to the next and have not yet been able to verify it.

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