Strategies to use Instagram Live for Business

If you are hoping to grow your business with Instagram Live, for example generate sales or increase followers, it is really important to have an established strategy. Like Instagram Stories, Instagram Live is a relaxed place and you can be as creative as you want! But with all that space for creativity, it’s a good idea to have a solid game plan.

Prepare for your live Instagram transmission

This is less a “strategy” and more an advice, but it is really important to mention it. If you want to shine during your Live Instagram broadcast, you should prepare in advance. This is doubly true if it is your first time broadcasting live on social networks.

Try your live broadcast as if it were a business presentation: write a script, write down some questions and answers and practice, practice, practice! One of the best ways to rehearse your Instagram Instagram broadcast is to record yourself on your camera. You can watch the recording later and make the necessary adjustments.

Promote your Instagram Live in advance

Your goal with Instagram Live (as with all Instagram things) should be to reach as many users as possible. And as we mentioned earlier, the best way to reach a large audience with Instagram Live is to enter the browsing page.

Like Instagram’s algorithm for regular messages, if you’re able to get a ton of viewers and engagement in your live broadcast, this tells Instagram that your broadcast is of high quality and could be interesting for other users. So the more viewers and engagement you get, the more opportunities you have to appear on the browser page. That’s why it’s so important to promote your Instagram Live broadcast in advance! If you really want to receive a lot of points of view and engagement, you have to inform your followers in advance.

One of the best ways to promote your Instagram Live is with Instagram Stories. After publishing about your live video in your feed, share a series of Stories with details about your transmission in the days before it, including aspects such as the subject of your transmission, time and date (do not forget to mention the country in the one that is transmitted!), and any other important information.

Use Instagram Live to make jokes or launch new products

A recent trend in Instagram Live is for companies to use the channel to mock or launch new products. And why not? It is the perfect place to create a ton of hype around your products! Whether you’re unveiling a new product line or triggering a future release, Instagram Live is a great place to spark excitement about your business.

Part of this has to do with the “urgency” of Instagram Live videos. Because users do not know when the video will end, they feel the need to keep up with the entire broadcast so they do not miss anything! Think of the releases of Apple products. One of the reasons why they are so successful is because of the suspense they create around their events.

To make use of this strategy in your live broadcast, take your most recent product and deliberately give very few details about it. The mystery will lead your followers in a frenzy! After the teaser, ask viewers to sign up to get more information on your website. This approach gives your live video an element of exclusivity, which can encourage people to act immediately, increasing the number of potential customers you will have.

Use Instagram Live for flash sales and promotions

While Instagram Stories is considered “ephemeral”, there really is nothing more ephemeral on Instagram than live. Use this to your advantage creating a sense of urgency to watch your transmission!

One of the best ways to increase your audience is to promise limited-time promotions that you’re only going to offer during the broadcast. If you have a raffle, discount, promotion or other campaign that you want to offer to a select few, announce it in advance! And when you go “live”, share the coupon code or discount with your viewers.

If you have not started using Instagram Live for your business yet, now is the time! Only a handful of companies are “live” on Instagram, so there are a ton of opportunities to grab the attention of your followers and even make some sales!

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