How to use 4 new features for Instagram Story

Instagram just does not stop! Recently it has announced four new features for Instagram Story: facial filters (in the style of Snapchat), videos that run in reverse mode “Rewind”, a tool of eraser and stickers for hashtag.

Here is everything you need to know about Instagram’s new features, and how to use them:

Creating face filters in Instagram Stories

If you ever had doubts about whether Instagram likes to copy Snapchat, this new update should eliminate any doubt.

In the latest update of the application (version 10.21), Instagram launched “filters for the face”, which are an almost exact replica of the Snapchat filters.

To use one of these filters in the Instagram story:

  • Go from the home page to open the camera feature in Instagram Story. Then, click on the new face icon in the lower right corner.
  • Eight different filters for the face are available as of this month, including a pair of different crowns, some animal faces, and another with strange glasses that sends math equations spinning around your head.

  • When you’re finished, you can send the image or video to your friends via Instagram in a direct message or add it to your story.

  • The filters can be used in any of the Instagram shooting modes: photo, video – and even Boomerang!

Add more context to your Instagram Story with sticker on your Hashtag

Like location stickers, users can share hashtag in the form of stickers on their Instagram story.

Users can take advantage of these stickers to visit the browser and see other publications that have been shared with the same hashtag.

However, while Instagram still does not catalog the Story through labels, it is expected that in the future the stories can be categorized through labels.

To share a sticker as a hashtag in Instagram Story, simply touch the tag icon at the top right of the screen, select and customize the hashtag, and then add it to your story.

As with mentions, you can also add hashtags using normal text.

This feature is especially functional for companies that have Instagram profile, it is a new way to promote it. In general, it is a great way to increase brand awareness around hashtags and improve the online presence of it.

Video player in reverse

A second big update in Instagram Story is the new “Rewind” mode, which allows you to play videos in reverse, as well as one of Snapchat’s oldest filters.

To make a video that plays in reverse you must:

  • Open the camera from the Story
  • Check the options at the bottom of the screen (live, normal, Boomerang, hands-free) until you reach the reverse recording option.

  • Press the record button at the bottom of the screen and record your video.

Note: This feature works differently than the Snapchat filter. In the Story, you have to actively choose to record in the rewind mode before taking the video. In Snapchat, you can record the video and then play the video in reverse after the fact.

New Eraser Tool for Instagram Story

The drawing tools in Instagram stories are pretty big, but have you ever wished you could erase a small error instead of starting over with the “undo” button?

Well, with the update this month, this is no longer a problem.

The draft tool works in the following way, once the function is selected, you can delete any drawing that you have added to your story.

But it can also be used to create a kind of “image from scratch.”

To do this, just open the camera of Instagram story and take a photo or a video. Then, select the drawing tool and keep it pressed for 1 or 3 seconds to fill the entire screen with color. Then, using the erase function, you can creatively reveal parts of the photo or video.

These new features can add a lot of creativity to your Instagram stories and for businesses, in particular, they are an incredible opportunity to interact with your audience.

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