How to use the Instagram Stories question stickers

Today we’re going to explain how to use the Instagram Stories question stickers. This is a new type of question stickers that Instagram has added, and with which you can ask your followers to ask you questions, then post your answers in the form of another story and everyone can see what you have answered.

We will explain how to use this function in two steps. First we will tell you how to create a story in which to launch a question to your followers, and then we will explain how to answer these questions generating a new story with the answer. This option is coming little by little to users, so it is possible that you still do not have it and you must wait a bit until you can use it.

How to put question stickers to ask you questions

Pulsa En Stories

The first thing you have to do is enter Instagram with total normality. Once inside, click on the icon of the Stories that you have at the top left, the icon is that of a camera.

Saca Una Foto Normal

Once inside, now you have to compose the story you want to put in the background and then add a question. This can be photographic, with text or the way you prefer, but keep in mind that you have to try that the composition does not make the question then not look good.

Pulsa En Stickers

In the step after taking the photo or writing the text of the story, now click on the button of the stickers that you have on the top right. It is that whose icon represents a half-detached sticker.

Elige Preguntas

When you click on the stickers icon, a window with all the options will open at the bottom of the screen. In this screen, click on the option Questions that should appear next to the surveys and next to the GIFs. When you press the option this will appear in the story, and you can move it to place it in the area you want on the screen.

Escribe Tu Pregunta

Now all you need to do is click on the text in the box to write what you want. Users will read what you write in that text, so try to be clear when it comes to telling them what types of questions you want sent to you.

How to answer the question stickers that make you

Pulsa En Tus Historias

Now we are going to explain to you how to read the questions that you are sent to answer them. The first thing you have to do is open Instagram and click on the button Your story to see the stories you have published. Among them will be the one in which you have added the sticker to ask you to ask questions.

Desliza Hacia Arriba

Now go to the story where you have that sticker in which you have asked the other users to ask you questions. Once in it, slide up the screen to see the information related to this Instagram Story.

Responder O Ver Todas

When you do, you will go to a history statistics page, where you will see the questions that have been sent to you. On the one hand you can click directly on the questions that appear in the section Answers (1). But if you have received many questions, you can also click on the option See all (2) that you have below the two or three questions that are shown to you, and you will go to a screen where you can browse all the questions that you have sent.

Responder Pregunta
And that’s it, now all you have to do is write the answer. When you do, the resulting story will remain as you see in the capture: above all the user name of the one who asked you the question, and below a box with the text that you put and the question you were asked, below this box will be your answer.
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