Use Instagram stories to catch more followers.

One of the new Instagram features, Instagram Stories, has been a big hit since you can create your own stories since August of last year.

Instagram Stories are fun, versatile and are a great way to create a meaningful relationship with your audience.

In addition, these stories also give you the opportunity to be recommended on Instagram. Therefore this is a perfect way to gain followers organically.

Take a moment and go to the top of the screen on your Instagram entry page. There you can notice that a series of stories appear. This is called the “Explore” page.

The reason why these stories appear on your Instagram is because the application has selected them based on your followers and the post you like.

Instagram will also show your stories in other accounts that you follow or have liked. Or your content that many have liked.

If you want to reach many profiles on the “Explore” page, you must create content with a lot of hooking and with an excellent strategy of tageing.

The better your stories are, and the better the content is focused on a specific audience, the better chances that Instagram can add your account to the recommended stories at the top of the “Explore” page.

So what does this have to do with gaining more followers on Instagram? Well, the reality is that the Explore page is an incredibly powerful tool on Instagram.

Therefore, having one of your stories on this page will have a viral effect on your content. At least in what I like, comments, and of course, new followers.

In a way you must work hard to develop a content very well for a specific audience.

Remember that the best way to gain followers is with high quality content.

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