Why don’t I see all the features in Instagram Stories?

Instagram has been releasing so many new features lately that it’s a bit difficult to keep up. In recent weeks, we have seen the addition of a question feature, the ability to add music to your Instagram stories, and a way to video chat with your friends. However, many complain that some features do not appear in Instagram stories.

Instagram stories are a fun and interesting way to achieve interactivity. Obviously, we want to try everything … but what if you can’t seem to find all the features in Instagram stories? Well, don’t be scared at the moment. We have some solutions for you

For those who are not sure exactly what the question label is, we explain briefly. This is a sticker in which you will write a message to your friends, to encourage them to ask you questions. Then (hopefully) your followers will ask you some questions. You can see those questions in the same place where you see who saw your story, and then you can choose which ones you want to answer. Answering the question creates a new addition to your story. It is a very fun way to interact with your followers and that they can learn more about you.

Of course, however, there is always the possibility that you are not seeing the function or the update, so this is what you should do if you feel you do not have it:

What do I do if I don’t see all the features in Instagram stories?

1. Find it in the right place

The first thing to do is make sure you are looking in the right place for the question tag. It will be located in the sticker tray, right next to the gif or the location stickers that you are used to using. To get to the sticker tray, take a photo or video of your story, then swipe up. You should see the small question tag icon there. If you do, great! You got it! If not, clearly you still don’t have it.

2. Check the app store for updates

This new feature is available as part of Instagram version 52 on iOS and Android. You must update the application to see the feature. Access your app store and check for updates available. If you don’t see the update, that means it’s not yet available to you.

3. Update your application

If you see the update, continue and update the application. Once updated, you should be able to open the application and find it in the sticker tray of your stories.

4. Restart your phone, if necessary

If you have updated and still do not see it, try restarting your phone. Sometimes you only need a small restart, although it is not always necessary to see new features. Check the application once the phone is back on.

5. Wait!

I still do not see the function? It seems you will have to wait until it is available to you. This is very common with new feature updates, so be patient and wait, it will come!

In the meantime, ask your friends some questions if they are using the sticker. It’s a fun way to meet them, and then they will do the same for you once yours is available.

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