Why should you be in the Instagram browser?

Making your business appear on the Instagram browser will not only help you get more likes on Instagram, it will actually help you have a better overall engagement.

In addition to improving your brand recognition, a successful Instagram strategy will also help you acquire new customers and sell more products.

This is because, by positioning your brand on the Instagram browser, your business will be exposed to a new audience of potential customers.

And, because Instagram’s algorithm is based on individual interests, you’re going to be exposed to a target audience instead of a random one. What is the best part of this? That will not cost you a penny.

How does the Instagram browser work?

We have talked about the importance of getting a large number of people who see your publications immediately, as this tells Instagram that your profile has a lot of engagement.

But the real key to landing on the hundreds or thousands of Instagram users, is to have an account of the highest interaction time of your posts through likes or comments.

If you make a post, and it immediately gets many likes or comments, the result will be that your account begins to appear in the browser.

Keep in mind that, for this, you must have a base of followers of more than 3 thousand people. The explanation to this is simple, with fewer followers it is impossible to achieve the number of interactions you need.

Appearing in the Instagram Explorer creates a “network effect”. This effect comes from your publications, the profile of other users, who will go back to your profile.

This can have a huge impact and make your photos viral on Instagram, because the more likes and comments you receive from people, the longer your page will be in a privileged place on the browser.

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