Win followers by making an Instagram contest

In addition, making Instagram contests is the easiest way to gain exposure. This will help you gain followers easily.

If you are looking for a super effective way to make an Instagram contest, try to organize it with an associated account or an influencer.

This strategy goes in two directions. On the one hand you can take advantage of the base of followers that the other account has. On the other hand, you will be able to do it with a good number of strategic partners.

The ideal is that you get an account that your followers are interested in, but that is not your competition.

For example, if your account is from a restaurant you can search the Instagram profiles of stores near where you are located.

In addition, your allied account can benefit from your followers, so it ends up being a win-win situation.

Instagram contest

After you find your strategic partner. Organize a plan in which your followers can aspire to win pieces of your products. They earn by following both accounts and tagging their friends in the comments.

This should have a few days established, preferably between 3 and 5 days. However, this is largely influenced by the number of followers that both accounts have.

The smaller the number of followers, the more time you should give the contest. Try however that this does not exceed 15 days. This is because with a longer term people tend to postpone.

A good example of how to take an Instagram contest forward is offered by the local Wanderer, who recently held an allied contest with The Burrard, a retro-style hotel housed in downtown Vancouver.

The contest included a prize in which Instagram users could win 2 free nights at the hotel by following both accounts and tagging 3 friends. Thanks to this strategy, the hotel obtained about 500 new followers per day while the contest was in force.

Additional benefit of Instagram contests

Something that is not generally talked about, but that is an added value of these contests, is that it improves your engagement. This is because the new Instagram algorithm privileges publications with many comments. Therefore you will have the chance to appear on the featured page, which in turn can bring you more followers.

Do not be shy, propose a good prize. The prize is what many of those who participate in these contests are looking for. Follow our advice and see how your followers grow with this strategy.

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