How to win the followers of your competition

Let’s not use the word steal, which is very ugly, let’s leave it in how to win the followers of your competition ?.

The term win is much more punctual when it comes to Instagram followers basically because they can not be stolen.

A follower does not steal, because he has power and autonomy over who follows. Therefore your account has to earn it, and that is achieved with the content.

But, how to make the followers of your competition reach your content ?. Well, we have a couple of tricks for you to achieve this easily.

Win the followers of your competition

This strategy is interesting because it uses the strengths of your competition in your favor. This is because in some cases this has already taken the job of creating a fan base that you can use.

One of the best ways to find, attract and build a good fan base is by looking at your closest competition. Well, at least your Instagram accounts.

This is very simple, if you have a substitute product or a similar product to the account that you are interested in followers, and they have shown interest in your product simply by following your competition.

How to find your competition?

If you have been in business for a while, you should at least have a sense of who your closest competitor is. However you can do an inquiry using tags to find what kind of content is made about your products and who makes them. This will also work for you with keywords.

Once you find an account, be careful that it has many followers, follow it. Instagram will also show you three other accounts that are similar to the one you chose.

Follow these and they will take you to 3 more. This way you can get to know the market, including the trends and strategies they use.

Start earning followers

Once you have several reference accounts, you should review your content according to that of other accounts. He is good looking? Relevant? Are you talking about your brand? Adjust the content if necessary, and remember that you must have a minimum of 20 post. This is because it is better that your future followers have a lot to see.

Now you must simply choose a number of people to follow daily. They can be 100 or 200 if you want, try not to overdo it.

Once you determine a number go to the reference profiles and have the following interactions with your followers:

  • Follow the users
  • Like a photo

  • Write a relevant comment in the photo

  • If you can, send a direct message

  • introducing yourself.

  • Do this and slowly you will see how your account grows and grows. If you want to speed up the process you can review this page.

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